ECO Bicycle stand

25,90 inc. VAT

With the Stood bike stand you finally have the flexible, lightweight and portable solution to park your bike where and when you want. Gone are the days when you had to put your bike in the meadow or lean against a wall. Stood is lightweight, quick to install and flexible to use. If you mount your Stood bike stand with the included self-adhesive velcro pads on the down tube of your bike, you can also protect your frame from stone chips while riding and have Stood always at hand.

The Stood bike stand is ready for use in a few seconds. Its light weight and space-saving design make it an indispensable partner for on the road – you can easily take it anywhere.

Handmade from European beech wood. Inexpensive and environmentally friendly / sustainable
EU and FSC certified.


  • velcro pads included

    weight: 85 gr.
    Lenght 37,3 cm
    Width: 5,9 cm
    Height 0,7 cm

  • Additional Information

    Weight 0.85 kg
    Dimensions 37 × 6 × 0.7 cm